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This blog details my journey - I lost 30 pounds in 3 months, with minimum exercise. I've condensed all my knowledge into easy to follow bits of information that anyone can benefit from. Welcome to my journey.

Intermittent Fasting Results: The Only Way to Lose Weight and Gain the Body You Want

How did I go from a frustrated, skinny fat frustrated consumer of weight loss diets with a pot belly to a self-confident, healthy person?


The answer is simple: research.

The Internet is a veritable treasure trove of information – there are thousands of guidebooks telling you what to do. More importantly, there are thousands of success stories as well – serving as inspiration to people like who sit depressed at home on Friday night secure in our own obesity and unattractiveness.

But what happens when you get overloaded with information? There is genetics-specific information, bad information, misinformation and flat out marketing hype out there. Fortunately, intermittent fasting does not fall into any of these camps. It provides a solid, scientific basis for torching fat by making tiny changes to your eating habits.

People have a misconception that intermittent fasting leads to starvation mode – the dreaded period when you start packing on fat instead of losing it. Intermittent fasting works on manipulating your hormones to produce a fast acting immediate metabolic effect, where your body starts burning fat instead of storing it.

I am the worst skeptic when it comes to “get thin quick” scams – that sell you pills and methods that claim to burn away your fat while you sit with your computer on your lap eating Cheetos and drinking soft drinks. Intermittent fasting proved to be more of a lifestyle change and more of adopting healthy eating habits. Is it a magic pill that works in 1 day? No. You still have to put a lot of effort into it – solely to break previous bad habits – it requires mental will of power. But thankfully, I found a guide – Eat Stop Eat – that broke down intermittent fasting into baby steps, that helped me change things up only a little at a time, starting only with breakfast in the beginning.

Get Eat Stop Eat.

I then progressed to 1 day meals, and in 2 weeks I was feeling like a million dollars. Not just because I could visibly see my fat dying, but also the self-satisfaction that comes out of eating healthy and feeling great. My morning bad-moods vanished. My best friend told me that he finally saw a change in my physiology – after 2 years of trying this program or that!



Eat Stop Eat helped motivate me and see the foolishness of my previous eating choices. It put the concept of fasting into a logical and scientific context – and showed me how bad genetics has nothing to do with the most basic concepts of fat storage and fat loss. It broke down a long and painful process of intermittent fasting into small chunks of steps that I could follow on a daily basis. In fact, my review of Eat Stop Eat is that it basically it is an anti-diet – in that he doesn’t make you count calories and “balance macro-nutrient percentages”. I hate doing that stuff, and to be honest, I don’t have time for it. I work nearly 10 hours a day and its always donut day, or cookie day, or pizza day, or *some* day at the office – and once I fall off the wagon, I tend to lapse back into bad habits.

Eat Stop Eat set up a solid base for understanding my hormones that lead to, or away from fat loss – ghrelin, leptin, insulin and cortisol. Once I understood the basic working of these hormones – I could see how easy it was to trigger massive fat loss, given a concrete action. The system turned out to be exactly that. It accomplished what 2 years of failed dieting, endless cardio, heavy weights and a personal nutrition trainer could not – it provided the kickstart to the snowball that was my metabolism. Things became simpler and granted it took a lot of effort to stop myself from binge eating in the first 2 weeks, my body reconditioned and my carb and sugar cravings noticeably decreased.

What Are Intermittent Fasting Results?

My own personal recommendation to intermittent faster beginners is simple – start slow. Although the book breaks down the process into tiny chunks, it becomes easy to get ahead of yourself and say – “Why reduce quantity? I’ll skip this meal outright” in the first week – but my advice is – don’t. Follow the book to the T – and get the same intermittent fasting results that I did. Will you get six-pack abs, or a titanium butt? If you’re not doing a tough exercise regime as well – probably not. But if you’re looking to strip away unsightly fat, are in the cutting phase of your bodybuilding, or just looking to lose a good amount of pounds in a very short time – you should consider looking into Eat Stop Eat. If you want more information and an in depth review of my results with it, click here.




Stay tuned for more ways to lose weight with the next post, and click here if you want more details on the easiest steps to follow an IF diet:

Click here to access Eat Stop Eat.


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